Cow, Pork and Chicken farms.


Environment studied for zoothecnic production, in compliance with animal wellness.


  • Animal wellness
  • Workers wellness
  • Energy saving : during summer time ventilation at low cost, during winter time drying the parlour

Evel produece HVLS fan also for zootechnic sector: our target is to reduce heat stress into animal, reduce sickness and improve his wellness.

Evel, infact, is looking into animal wellness; our fan could be installed also in cow and pork farms. The good quality of ventilation is giving to animals better working condition, reduction of sickness, heat stress reduction and better productivity and milk quality. Furthermore, air quality, smell and air circulation, are improved.

Air moving and more dry lying place reduce phatogen element into the environment, and consequently the risk of sickness into animal.

Living in this better environment means a better life for animals, with better milk quality and higher production.

During winter time it’s very important that farmers will continue to run fans in order to dry lying place for animals, reducing the risk of desease also because the low energy cost of our machines.

High temperature are a great risk for animals, and could not be underevaluated, because they could create increasing in heart frequency, increase in water consumption and mainly increase in internal temperature, creating big problem to animal life, until the risk of die.

For this reason cooling and ventilation are mandatory for any farms, also because they can reduce the risk of desease.