Specially designed for the zootechnical world, WA Series offers constant ventilation even in environments with low ceilings such as stables. It can be installed either with or without a casing, and can be mounted on walls or along aisles, making it very versatile. The axial fan is powered by a permanent magnet motor, offering outstanding quietness and efficiency characteristics.


Available with or without a casing, the axial fan WA1400 can be installed on walls or along feeding aisles, making it versatile and suitable for the various needs of the breeder (as an extractor or circulator). The axial fan WA1400 by EVEL srl is powered by a brushless motor with onboard inverter, making it stand out in quietness and energy efficiency and a leader in the ventilation market.

WA1400-ECO 2

The WA1400-ECO 2 axial fan stands out for its excellent performance and great value for money. Equipped with a brushless motor and onboard inverter, it offers reduced consumption, quiet operation, and flexible installation, making it perfect for both wall mounting and installation along the feed aisle. Suitable for small to medium-sized zootechnical environments, it is appreciated for its consistent airflow even 30 meters from the point of installation.


Characterized by it’s long range, the axial fan WA1400-MAX can be installed on walls or along feeding aisles, reducing the number of machines installed to optimize installation and operating costs. WA1400-MAX is powered by a brushless motor with onboard inverter, ensuring quietness and very low power consumption. Particularly suitable for installations in medium to large spaces.


The WA1400P/PHP ensures a more stable climate due to constant ventilation and maintains a steady flow when using variable speed control. It operates without the start-up and shutdown noise from the fans, particularly at the lowest ventilation levels. There are no frequent changes in lighting levels due to the starts and stops. Noise levels are lower thanks to the reduced propeller revolutions when employing variable speed, and there are no more noises caused by the slipping of transmission belts.

serie wa1
serie wa2