Discover the Flower ventilator developed by Evel – the smartly designed outdoor ventilator with removable HVLS blades. The unique Flower ventilator is made to create a more comfortable outdoor space. Say goodbye to humid heat and
annoying insects like mosquitoes and flies.

A contemporary, appealing design combined with quality materials, make the Flower Fan a highly functional product complementing any outdoor space, ensuring low power consumption thanks to brushless direct-drive technology & built-in regulator.

Motor: Permanent Magnet
Blades: Aluminium
Material: Steel and Aluminium
Sizes: 3 to 4 meter
Models: FF3000 – FF4000

Flower Fun Evel 2023 plant
Flower Fun Evel 2023 chair
Flower Fun Evel 2023 table
Flower Fun Evel 2023 edition