Parma Exhibition Center

Environment: 8.000 mq Auditorium Congress Center

Problem: internal temperature in winter too low and high energy consumption. Maximum achievable temperature 18° with frequent system shutdowns due to machine overheating.

Proposed solution: N°6 WZ 7000 HP Black custom HVLS installed 13 mt above the ground

Reached goals: Maximum temperature reached after installation HVLS 23° approx. € 5000 energy savings on heating costs > Year 2018 vs Year 2017* (*calculation based on real consumption billing)


Environment: 500 mq Artisan pasta factory

Problem: internal temperature too high due also to the heat created by industrial mixers. The operators will find themselves having to carry out activities in an environment with too high temperatures, especially in summer.

Proposed sulution:
N°1 WF 4000 HVLS installed 4.5 mt above the ground in the work area.

Reached goals: Perceived temperature 7° less than the real one, improvement in the humidity rate and energy saving estimated at around 30% July 019 vs July 2018. Payback investment 11 months approx.


Environment: 9000 mq part of the plant of a kitchen manufacturer.

Problem: high internal temperatures with higher peaks in the oven area. The operators work in environments with too high temperatures, especially in the summer season.

Proposed solution: N°13 WZ 5000 HVLS installed 4.7 mt above the ground.

Reached goals: Perceived temperature 7° lower comparing to the real one, improvement of working conditions for operators. Winter energy saving: 30% 2018 vs 2017* (*calculation based on real consumption billing)


Environment: 2000 mq part of the plant of a domestic appliances manufacturer.

Problem: Indoor temperature too high in summer, problems in heating the affected assembly area in winter. Operators work in extremely hot conditions in summer, while in winter it is difficult to obtain a comfortable temperature for them.

Proposed solution: N°4 WZ 5000 HVLS installed 5.6 mt above the ground.

Results: In summer, perceived temperature 7° ess than the real one, the HVLS work in combination with the Evel Roof Cooler to mix fresh air in summer as an alternative to a classic air conditioning system. Energy savings 2019 vs 2018: Approx. 27%* (*calculation based on real consumption billing)


Environment: production plant for bottling and processing of olive oil.

Problem: Too high internal temperature due to machinery processing. The operators work in conditions of extreme heat, which increases in work areas without windows. High level of work breaks due to the strong heat, especially in summer.

Proposed solution: N°9 WF 5000 e N°4 WA 1400 HVLS installed 4 mt above the ground.

Results obtained: 7° lower perceived temperature compared to the real one, decreased work breaks and improved humidity level. Areas without windows now ventilated thanks to the ventilation tunnel generated by our axial fans.

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